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    Font blurry, has artefacts

    iwanPlays · 1 reply · Last reply by Rob Storm

    All UI text is blurry and has artifacts at 1920x1080.

    I'm assuming Intruder is made with Unity engine and this might be fixable by re-rendering the font texture at higher DPI/resolution. Hopefully without screwing up the UI.

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    Bleeding damage and bandages?

    Mark Biernacki · 0 replies · Posted

    getting shot should cause you to bleed hp, and perhaps a teammate has to heal you? It could promote more team play, and be a fun mechanic.

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    Flying outside the map on round start

    Bambii · 0 replies · Posted

    I spawned and the flew outside the map on round start, im guessing its a collision problem.
    I have not tried to replicate the bug.

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    mountainside fell thru bridge on spawn

    Mark Biernacki · 1 reply · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Just like it says. Previous round I died by heli under the same bridge

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    Oceonside in wall

    Shootershj · 0 replies · Posted

    You can get into the bedroom wall in Oceanside by closing the main door on yourself



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    Cliffside Teleport Bug

    Shootershj · 0 replies · Posted

    Found this bug on cliffside at the balcony it did take about 20 tries and it can also put you on the top of the map: EDIT: if done of left rail u tp to top but die

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    Mutes do not hold when switching rounds/moving maps

    Bloxri · 0 replies · Posted

    I've revived reports that the mute command is not working when being used while playing in a room that has a match and cycle tag.

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    Sniper Spawns Too Early [Mountainside]

    Version 75:

    Map with Bug: Mountainside

    How many times does problem occur: About everytime map switches into m-side, first round.


    I keep seeing this happen. The sniper entity keeps spawning in as soon as the map starts. It's quickly there before it disappears for most rounds, but for some other ones, it stays there longer. This leaves it to be pick-up-able and usable as soon as the game "starts", no sniper-code required. I don't have a picture cause it's almost uncommon and it's only there quickly, but it gets a bit abusive looking when you kill 2 guards at

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    New Loading Screen

    Bloxri · 0 replies · Posted


    While loading a new map, the loading screen should display the name of the map that the client is loading and provide numerous tips and tricks in which will display under the name of the map that the client is loading. The image is obtained by getting the map URL and will display above the "Loading [Map]" label.

    In the event that the image of the map cannot be obtained, random artwork that is community made can be shown in place of showing the image of the map. This can be caused by numerous things such as network issues,

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    Mountainside K-Rail bug

    TheWalrus · 0 replies · Posted

    On Mountainside, when you jump onto the destructable part of the K-Rails from the roof, you will take no fall damage at all.  Here's a demonstration of it.

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    Red dot doesn't tilt

    Unstoppabro · 0 replies · Posted

    The red dot marker stays in place when you lean while using red dot Vector

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    Priming animation plays during wrong times for SMG

    Bloxri · 0 replies · Posted

    When pulling out the SMG for the first time, you might notice that you prime the round before you can fire which is entirely accurate. What isn't accurate and wastes a lot of time is the priming animation playing even after you've already "primed" your weapon. So while the round is already in the chamber, if that animation plays again, it will eject the round each time that happens. This happens every time regardless of the ammo count within the clip at the time. This animation can be detrimental to ones ability and speed by increasing the amount of time

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    Ragdoll-caused-falling drops your current weapon on the ground

    Bloxri · 0 replies · Posted

    When you fall from a high ledge or perhaps cliff and ragdoll due to it, your gun could drop out of your hands, causing you to have to pick it up.

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    Pressing R repeatedly when throwing a projectile will cause it to not be thrown

    Bloxri · 0 replies · Posted

    When throwing a grenade, smoke grenade, gas grenade, C4, laser sensor, banana, or the decoy, while spamming R during the animation, the object will not be thrown or placed. This does not effect the ammo count of the object.

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    Game crashes seconds after joining a server

    Pparadza · 2 replies · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Well, it's in the title really. The game just crashes seconds after joining a match, regardless of the side I join, or whether I'm spectating or not. I know my specs are good enough, but I'll include them here:

    Processor: AMD A6-6400K APU with Radeon(tm) HD graphics 3.9GHz

    Installed RAM: 8.00GB (7.20GB usable)

    System type: 64-bit Operating system x64-based processor.

    OS: Windows 10

    I'll also add the error files, and I'll keep experimenting throughout the night.

    EDIT: It appears the issue is only with mountainside and riverside. Cliffside works though.

    EDIT: It's completely random with every other map besides mountainside

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    C4 jumping is still doable...

    viotech3 · 1 reply · Last reply by viotech3

    Okay, it's viotech3 here, but I'm here to report that C4 jumping is still doable, and it's 100% reproducable.


    Put 1 or 4 C4 down. you *can* do this with 2, but it's fiddly. 3 C4 kills you 99.9% of the time. 4 is likewise gimmicky. 1 is safe 100% of the time.

    So, normally c4 kills you when you jump. However, if you ragdoll+explode the c4 at the same time, you get launched and take no damage. This means it's easily reproducible. However, note, this might not be easy to fix without screwing over ragdolls. As of right

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    Minor lockpick UI issues when you turn off the hud

    Yabba · 0 replies · Posted

    Using the lockpick while your hud is turned off, (using Q + P) causes the lock picking hud to act strangely 

    It's been reproducible for me 100% of the time without hud

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    Mountainside Tunnel Exploit

    KHD02 · 1 reply · Last reply by Rob Storm

    If you go to the main drop point on right stage and go to the right side of the tunnel, going prone will let you see underneath it. You might be able to shoot underneath it too.

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    Alt + Tab changes resolution and forces windowed mode

    Grakiao · 1 reply · Last reply by R3vo

    When you alt + tab your resolution is changed and if you are in fullscreen mode you go into windowed mode, which then requires you leave the game you are in to put on fullscreen mode again since that option is not available in the in game settings menu.

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    Additions To The Game That Will Make Getting Gameplay Footage Easier

    R3vo · 1 reply · Last reply by R3vo
    • Ability to hide text box unless you go to type
    • Ability to hide hand signals until you hit tab
    • Ability to mute all spectators or mute specific people only when in spectator mode
    • Ability to lower specific players VOIP volume


    These are just some ideas I thought up while editing footage, if you can think of anything else that will help comment below.