Cannot adjust mic and use mic nor hear anyone.

Whenever I click on mic setup, it would always crash my game and end up with the window "The game has crashed. The crash report folder named "2016-03-19_135348" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game." Another issue probably related to this, is that I cannot hear anyone in game or talk in game. But I can hear everyone thing else just fine. But I can use mic setup in the menu without crashing.

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Seems to be solved by turning off antivirus / Norton on extraction and while playing the game.

Having exactly the same problem. Crashes seem really random though, sometimes I can actually access the mic setup. I can see people are trying to talk (in the bottom left) but I can't hear anything, and they can't hear me. Windows 10.

What kind of microphone do you have? And do you have any antivirus software on. Also please put the crash report in a document as a ticket

Steelseries Siberia V2 is my headset, and I use Norton Security Suite. How would I submit a ticket?


It seems I fixed it temporarily by reinstalling the game, if it happens again I'll send you the crash report.

link it on something like paste bin, try turning off norton when starting or unzipping the game perhaps