New Problems

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    Someone took my place :(

    TheDrunken FROG · 0 · Posted

    I was in a 10 slot server, then the map changed. i was loading in waiting to pick a team. it loaded back the map we had before  we changed and then it said failed to connect to room. i suspect someone joined faster than me and took my place becouse after it took me to the server page is said players 10/10

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    Game crashes upon firing weapon, only works for limited time on three maps

    Jarrenreno · 2 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Only Mountainside, Riverside and Cliffside work for me as every other map crashes when I pull out a pistol or smg, or when I fire. Also the three maps that work crash within 5-10 minutes. I've uninstalled and reinstalled many times to get the game to work but the problem persists.

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    When binding keys, mouse wheel clicks do not register

    Cog Gear · 1 · Last reply by DukeofSussex

    As I am changing the controls for intruder, I tried to rebind a key to the middle mouse wheel click, but it will not allow me to do so. No error message or anything, just a flashing box letting me know that Middle Mouse isn't a valid key. Any known fixes, or any in the future?

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    Minor Bug with map voting

    Chicaogmed · 0 · Posted

    When you are still alive after winning the set, during the map vote you are unable to hear anyone over voice, but you still can see their names similar to when you are dead in spectator chat.

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    Game stops responding and my computer monitor goes black

    Mainox · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    When I'm playing any server, any map, my game stops responding and crashes seemingly at random.

    While it does this, my screen goes black for about 3 seconds, then when it gets back to normal, i have a popup on my task bar that says my display driver has stopped working and has recovered. 

    I don't know what the problem is, but in Version 76 it wasn't doing this at all.

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    Issue Creating Room: Not Loading, blank UI

    viotech3 · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Process: Click "Create Room".

    Bug: Nothing Happens, UI disappears, only the background remains. The Panic Button (holding esc) does not function. Room is properly created, and others can join. Upon reboot, you can even join your own room post-creation. 

    Frequency: 50% or more. Extremely Common.

    Temporary Solution: Exiting game and rebooting "solves" the problem.

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    Map Loading Issue

    Frarf · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Joined a constructionsite lobby with only one other player mid-round; didn't have the map and downloaded it beforehand. Joined a team, which caused the round to end and the vote screen to pop up; no one voted so it was chosen again. I was kicked to the home screen with the error "Map not found" or something similar.

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    Intruder.exe no longer opens for me.

    BigMoist · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    I recently bought the game and have played it a few times before the recent update to Intruder78 I can run the game and played with no problems however I try to launch the game from the .exe and it immediately crashes. It begins to load and then nothing else happens. I have reinstalled the game a few times and tried running as administrator. I am on Windows 10 and no error message tells me what is wrong. Any help would be appreciated. 

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    v78 bug

    Ran · 2 · Last reply by Ran

    After downloading V78 and joining a server, I get kicked out of the match on respawn to the Pre login screen and prompted to update to v78 even though I already have  

    I've excluded it from antivirus (Intruder.exe) and firewall

    as well as portforwarded

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    False positive intruder.exe

    benikniels · 1 · Last reply by benikniels

    My virusscanner picked up intruder.exe and after scanning it with virustotal only that scanner gave a positive

    It would keep future players with that virusscanner from coming to the game and would maybe have a negative impact on the game.
    Maybe try contacting the makers of the anti-virus and say its a false positive.

    Virustotal page: Here


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    Timeout/Disconnect when switched to master client

    Ran · 2 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Everytime I play on a server whether it's empty or not I receive a Timeout/Disconnect error and get kicked out of the server whenever I'm given the Master Client.

    This occurs on any server from any region even if I started it

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    At start of game, I spawn out of the map and die

    soapy · 0 · Posted

    This was on mountain side

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    When a round ends or a tb round starts my game freezes and leaves the server.

    felipez8 · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    When a round ends my game freezes and it leaves the server or when we switch sides.

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    Randomly arrested at beginning of a game

    Jerdman · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    I have had 2 times where within 30 seconds of starting a round I get randomly arrested with nobody around.

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    Login problems

    NoopiFinkkari · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    When setting a new password with
    - ~12~ chars
    - Caps included
    - English layout characters
    - numbers

    cannot log in the game but can in the website/forum

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    Pistol fire sound comes out of opposite ear

    goigle · 0 · Posted

    Pretty simple.


    If you're moving left, the shooting sound will come out of the right ear and vice versa.


    I'm on Windows 10 x64 with default realtek audio drivers


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    Small Game Crash

    PowerfulBacon · 0 · Posted

    Not much of a glitch, but thought I might as well mention it. Opening the game twice crashes the game, as it trys to change the game resolution to something the game dosen't like.