Sensitivity setting isn't enough for satisfactory aim/control

I come from CS, and have built up a lot of muscle memory with my aim, and this is the same with many others coming from H1Z1, Overwatch, Quake, etc. Mouse sensitivity is enough of a big deal for an entire website being made just to convert sensitivities from one game to another game so that players can maintain their level of aim from one game to another. (https://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/)

CS:GO has a sensitivity slider ranging from 0.01 all the way to 30 with intervals of 0.01, which gives a lot of control with your sensitivity. However at the moment, Intruder only ranges from 0 to 3 in intervals of 0.1.

For me personally, 0.1 is too low and 0.2 is too high, and since there is no in between, aiming in Intruder is hard for me. I don't know if this might seem picky or something but it's a common thing with lots of games which can make them difficult to play.

A more detailed sensitivity setting would be much appreciated, as well as mouse acceleration for all the people that use that too. I also don't really understand the mouse sensitivity ratio?


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The new options menu allows hundreds place setting. If you need finer can still set in game with /ms


T, I was able to convert my mouse-sensitivity from counterstrike to intruder by dividing my CS:GO sensitivity by 14.

So my CSGO sensitivity is 1.47 and my intruder sens is .105

Also, you should be fine with the default mouse-ratio coming from pretty much any other game. (It's the ratio between y sensitivity and x sensitivity). (mouse accel is also dumb imo)

You can set sensitivity more precisely perhaps in game using the console command /ms. In your example you could do something like /ms .15 Let me know how that works out.


I see, thanks!

Maybe in the future this could be added to the options