Doors that interfere with walls

On Riverside Multiple doors either push players through a wall, clip through walls, or both. Doors will be labeled as if you were outside looking in.

Here is a list of the doors:


Conference Room W/ Map - Right Door - Pushes You

Men's Restroom - Only Door - Pushes You And Clips

Women's Restroom - Only Door - Clips

Work Area A - Left Door - Pushes You And Clips

Bridge - Both Doors - Pushes You



Bridge - Right Door -  Pushes You

Vent Room/Storage Closet - Only Door - Clips

Break Room - Inside Door (Not leading to the balcony.) - Pushes You

Break Room Bathrooms - Both Rooms' Doors - Pushes You And Clips

Lab C - Left Door - Clips

Server Room - Interior Door - Pushes You

Lab B - Door Parallel To Window - Clips


I'll update this if I find any more doors. I will also probably check out Cliffside.