Alt + Tab changes resolution and forces windowed mode

When you alt + tab your resolution is changed and if you are in fullscreen mode you go into windowed mode, which then requires you leave the game you are in to put on fullscreen mode again since that option is not available in the in game settings menu.

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Some tests have been done. This should be fixed in version 79! =)

This is, unfortunately, a networking issue. I'm not sure if Photon has fixed it yet. I will have to do tests on this again.

The problem persists and is incredibly annoying, as it adds tiny black borders when you record/stream.

coming to version 79

For now just hit alt+enter to go back to full screen, if you are playing @ 1080p you can then use /tep to get the right resolution back. Just hit alt+enter again to full screen after using /tep.

A better graphics option menu is still needed though. Borderless window mode is needed or at least a command to get 1440p resolution back after alt tabbing.