Sniper Spawns Too Early [Mountainside]

Version 75:

Map with Bug: Mountainside

How many times does problem occur: About everytime map switches into m-side, first round.


I keep seeing this happen. The sniper entity keeps spawning in as soon as the map starts. It's quickly there before it disappears for most rounds, but for some other ones, it stays there longer. This leaves it to be pick-up-able and usable as soon as the game "starts", no sniper-code required. I don't have a picture cause it's almost uncommon and it's only there quickly, but it gets a bit abusive looking when you kill 2 guards at the beginning of the round from the bridge.

I think the same happens with the helicopter button.

I see people try not to do this, but whoever doesn't know will do it anyways. So hopefully somehow this can be solved.