Corpse Inspection Reveals Details on how they died

Instead of just telling you that they're dead using your hands on a corpse will tell you realistically available information on the details of his death.  Details include: 

  • An approximation on how warm the body is (telling you how long its been since he was killed
  • How much and what size wounds are on him (small medium and large for the pistol smg and sniper respectively ) 
  • What weapon and how much ammo in the mag of whatever gun he was using when he died (to tell if he was in combat when killed)
  • whether or not he was arrested.
  • (this is a lot of information to get from just touching the body, so maybe it could come in waves as long as the player interacts with the body)

Specific Messages for specific Scenarios

  • Player Drowned to death - "he somehow drowned to death"
  • Player died from falling - "his shattered body suggests he fell from a large height"
  • Player goomba stomped - "it seems like a great force pushed his head was down into his neck"
  • Player spawned late in a round "how strange, its like he was never alive at all"
  • Player moves to spectate after being arrested "it seems as if he gave up the will to live Ooba ooba"

The body's "history" shouldn't stop recording at point of death, any damage to the body after death should show up. Suppose if someone was headshotted off of a zipline by a smg, inspecting the corpse should tell you that both his head was shot and he has a lot of broken bones, and the inspector would have to use reasoning to understand how he died. Another scenario could be be a intruder gets headshotted by a guard, who then empty's his mag into the then dead bodys back to make sure the intruder is really dead, a few minutes later another guard comes along and shoots him in the head with the pistol to make sure himself. Inspecting the body after these events  would reveal that the intruder has 1 medium and 1 small sized bullet wound in his head from the headshots and a lot of medium sized bullet wounds to other miscellaneous parts of his body. After these events anyone inspecting the body would get a lot of information but be unable to tel exactly what killed him. Smart people could shoot enemy bodies after death throw the allies of the recently deceased off his trail. 

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