Coming back to life after dying from being pushed off cliff by teammate.

I spawned in Mountainside on the Guards team, me and the team were having some "randomness" and someone pushed me off and I died, I pushed jump to go to spectate and as I was cycling through the players, it locked onto my "dead" body, I pushed space again and I sprang back to life but my HP, Energy and Balance bars were missing and the spectator camera was still working and you could see the spectator view if you looked into the sky, the skybox was basically gone and replaced by the spectator camera.

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Seems to have been fixed in 80/81, unable to spawn after joining.

Bump, had the same issue today, but it was Cliffside.

> Joined

> Got told I would spawn next round, tapped "Space" to spectate

> Pressed "Space" again, spawned and presto, the skybox was replaced by the spectator camera.

Have had it happen on Cliffside and 2 weeks ago on Vio's Desertlodge(?) map, not sure how to reliably reproduce it though.


I believe this should be fixed in version 78, just released

Not from what i remember. 


Do you know if any other events happened like someone joining the server perhaps?