Arrest incentivisation, corpse interaction.

When faced with the decision, arrest or kill, the obvious tactical decision is to kill. An arrest allows the opponent to continue speaking, takes longer, and may render the arresting party out of position. Arresting provides little tactical advantage to the arresting party.

If however, interacting with an arrested enemy allowed an individual to listen in on the communication of the opposing team, an arrest could provide valuable intel.

For example, say a guard arrests an intruder. He may now listen in on the intruder comms. However, he may leave himself or his teammates exposed as he listens, for he would not be able to listen to both teams simultaneously.

Another idea would be to allow the arresting party to communicate with the enemy team. This would allow for a more dynamic variation of the above suggestion.

For example, say a guard arrests an intruder. He may now listen to their comms. The guard may try to thwart suspicions of the enemy team. He may lead his opponents to their doom. He may plant false information within the intruder ranks. As above, he may leave himself or his teammates exposed, for he would not be able to communicate with both teams simultaneously.

It may also be beneficial to allow an arrested party to be freed by their teammates. Although this may tip the scale in favor of killing rather than arresting, it could balance out any issues that may be packaged with some of my prior suggestions.

My final suggestion is the capacity to drag bodies. Dragging bodies could refine gameplay into that of a higher tier stealth game. Whether it be a teammate or an enemy, starving the opponent of that valuable intel can be an integral part of stealth gameplay.

Thanks for reading through my ideas, I welcome any and all criticism with open arms. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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This sounds amazing, I'd love to be able to drag bodies. The freeing mechanic gives the arrested party reason  to not yell out their position, but I do think that if the arresting party is on the radio, the arrested can yell out in order to alert his teammates.

While the freeing arrested teammates could seem like a good idea to balance it out, this can easily be thwarted by just, doing what you have to do,  tapping into the enemy comms or whatever, and then after you're done, shoot them in the head, they are no longer alive, and they can't be freed. I already do this right after I arrest someone, and it would give me more incentive to murder the arrested guy if he could be freed, because I already have a reason to kill the guy who's arrested, and that reason is that he can yell out my position.

Seems great, however the arresting party should only be able to tap into comms for like 5-10 seconds. Would be too op otherwise. 

What if the arrested person could mash left mouse button to make reception more staticky?


some good ideas, would make non-lethal play a viable option. This all around topic of arresting has been discussed since the release. I like the idea of having the radio be an actual item that you can pick up or have it going off while said enemy is downed.