Multiple Bugs - Oceanside

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Trees near the garage, you can stand on, providing a non feasible jump to the roof leading to rear balcony, and it masks the player in leaves. Also, you can jump from the small raised gray area to the corner of the wood with ease.

Multiple c4 JumpsĀ 

You can stand on alot of doors - also a bad issue on riverside. You can normally just jump on them, or open the door, jump on it, and close all the way.

Here's the big one we tested together - If you shoot the code lock thing with any gun once, it calls the car. Works on riverside as long as you do it the first round when you join, giving access to the sniper.

Awkward jump that is pointless, but not feasible at all

Thats it, thanks for making a awesome game. Doing another report on Riverside as this is sent

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c4 jump should kill you now

The security room is open first round regardless of whether or not you shoot the keypad. If you find anything else make sure to post it under the intruder category!