Items did not respawn on an Oceanside server after a while.

Had a match on Oceanside where the items did not respawn after the round restarted.

Rejoining made them respawn, but even then they did not in the next round.

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Found out the reason was because of parenting pick ups, I will need to find a new solution to this for the future

Just had this happen to me, red dot sights and riot shields did not respawn after the round ended.

Edit: This also seems to happen to objects such as chairs too.

first round, any round? will they respawn after another round is finished?

After the first round any items that have been picked up will not respawn. Objects that have been moved stay in the same spots too. It seemed to have happened right after the first round.

Will it be fixed after the first/second round is over?

Have you been able to repeat this multiple times or notice any patterns?

Had this happen to me.