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    my game wont start v84

    GravyBoy · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    i try opening intruder and it is stuck on the pre-login screen. it says loading..., a percent with no number next to it, the version of the game with no number next to it, and a ... under the loading bar. they game wont get past this. i have trying getting rid of intruder and re-downloading the zip. tried restarting, got it past it once and couldn't do it again. i have been tinkering with the map maker so i am led to believe that unity or something has screwed with the game. the chat and forum buttons do not

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    If the player switches team the moment the round starts, they spawn on the enemy team spawn as their new team.

    coolbloxxie · 1 · Last reply by coolbloxxie

    I managed to find a bug where I spawned as a guard on the intruder spawn on Oceanside by changing team the moment the round started.

    Valve, pls fix.

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    Gassed players can see normal with camera stick

    Goober · 0 · Posted

    When a player has been gassed, The portable stick camera can see perfectly fine

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    Grenade tinks and tweaks

    Yabba · 0 · Posted

    Grenades shouldn't be completely silent as they bounce off surfaces

    Perhaps the surfaces tag, (dirt, carpet, metal) could affect the sound it makes as well as how well it bounces

    Maybe concussion grenades are heavy enough to smash through glass. 

    Perhaps using the fire-mode key could change tit to an underhand throw. 

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    You can see package / zip lines through tall grass.

    Kolovsky · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    You can see package / zip lines through tall grass, so as a guard you can lay and wait in grass until the package is picked up.

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    Package Indicator

    MadmanEpic · 0 · Posted

    After what happened here in the CTHM vs. FRG match, I think that adding some kind of indicator that an Intruder has the package may be a good idea; maybe something small, like a little briefcase icon appearing above the health/energy/balance bars.

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    Consistent day/night command on Match Mode servers

    MadmanEpic · 0 · Posted

    There should be a command to lock the day/night cycle into consistent times on maps with them. It probably shouldn't be on by default, but the option could make each set go something like:

    • Round 1 is at noon
    • Round 2 is at midnight
    • Tiebreaker is at dusk

    This would stop any potential unfair advantage or disadvantage that the teams could get from having both rounds being at day or night.

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    Pause Match command for server admins

    MadmanEpic · 0 · Posted

    A command for admins that would pause/unpause the Match Mode scoreboard would be very helpful in clan or other serious matches. It could just pause the leaderboard while the game goes into a sort of infinite warmup until the match is unpaused, at which point the round restarts and the scoreboard continues where it left off.

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    Sometimes when i enter in a code the sensitivity goes crazy!

    Alexy89 · 0 · Posted

    In the Riverside map, for intruders, when i enter in the security code, my mouse sensitivity goes crazy!

    I'm not sure if it's only the riverside map though.

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    Games joinable by magnet link

    Bloxri · 1 · Last reply by MadmanEpic

    If you don't know what a magnet link is, click here.

    When in a match that is has open slots, a link could be generated that could be sent to a peer. This link would auto-magically launch Intruder with a set of parameters to auto-login, and auto-join that match if at all possible.

    Why is this useful?
    In the browser extensions, a player could see that there is a server open and join it by only using the extension. The extension would use this "magnet link" in order to launch intruder and join the game. Beyond that, 3rd party

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    Boxes missing texture behind B1?

    Bloxri · 1 · Last reply by Yabba

    Behind the B1 bathrooms, there are some objects for which seem that they are colored but do not seem textured. I believe in older builds these boxes were textured but I could be wrong.

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    Timer starts much after freshly starting new server

    Bloxri · 0 · Posted

    When creating a new room, the timer is much higher than what it should be from the time you are actually able to start shooting at the bloons.

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    Crouch-jump sound change

    MadmanEpic · 0 · Posted

    Crouch-jumps should have muffled or no sound to the player to reflect their silence to other players. Currently, there is no indication of this, and many players have no idea that it's a mechanic.

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    You don't state the timer for a ban ANYWHERE!

    devon · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Why isn't there a timer for temporary bans?

    is there a reason it isn't shown?

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    HUD size option

    Aidan McDonnell · 0 · Posted

    I don't know how much of a demand there would be for something like this, but on lower resolutions, it becomes difficult to read the scoreboard in the top left and some other HUD elements. I need to play on lower resolutions or I can't properly run the game.

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    Someone took my place :(

    TheDrunken FROG · 0 · Posted

    I was in a 10 slot server, then the map changed. i was loading in waiting to pick a team. it loaded back the map we had before  we changed and then it said failed to connect to room. i suspect someone joined faster than me and took my place becouse after it took me to the server page is said players 10/10

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    Game crashes upon firing weapon, only works for limited time on three maps

    Jarrenreno · 2 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Only Mountainside, Riverside and Cliffside work for me as every other map crashes when I pull out a pistol or smg, or when I fire. Also the three maps that work crash within 5-10 minutes. I've uninstalled and reinstalled many times to get the game to work but the problem persists.

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    Audible cough when gassed.

    Skurdge · 0 · Posted

    Yeah, title says it all.