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    HUD size option

    Aidan McDonnell · 0 · Posted

    I don't know how much of a demand there would be for something like this, but on lower resolutions, it becomes difficult to read the scoreboard in the top left and some other HUD elements. I need to play on lower resolutions or I can't properly run the game.

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    Someone took my place :(

    TheDrunken FROG · 0 · Posted

    I was in a 10 slot server, then the map changed. i was loading in waiting to pick a team. it loaded back the map we had before  we changed and then it said failed to connect to room. i suspect someone joined faster than me and took my place becouse after it took me to the server page is said players 10/10

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    Game crashes upon firing weapon, only works for limited time on three maps

    Jarrenreno · 2 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Only Mountainside, Riverside and Cliffside work for me as every other map crashes when I pull out a pistol or smg, or when I fire. Also the three maps that work crash within 5-10 minutes. I've uninstalled and reinstalled many times to get the game to work but the problem persists.

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    Audible cough when gassed.

    Skurdge · 0 · Posted

    Yeah, title says it all.

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    Arrest incentivisation, corpse interaction.

    Skurdge · 2 · Last reply by Skurdge

    When faced with the decision, arrest or kill, the obvious tactical decision is to kill. An arrest allows the opponent to continue speaking, takes longer, and may render the arresting party out of position. Arresting provides little tactical advantage to the arresting party.

    If however, interacting with an arrested enemy allowed an individual to listen in on the communication of the opposing team, an arrest could provide valuable intel.

    For example, say a guard arrests an intruder. He may now listen in on the intruder comms. However, he may leave himself or his teammates exposed as he listens, for he

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    Grappling hook

    striker21565 · 0 · Posted

    I know i just posted i'm sorry, i just enjoy throwing ideas out that may help the game become better. I was thinking that possibly implementing a from of a grappling hook so intruders would be able to get on the roof of buildings from an position where there is no ladder or way to get on the building. Although it sounds a little dumb as they could take a different route, I truly think it could change certain situations for example if the intruder steals a briefcase and wants on the roof but the room was the 1st floor

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    Hearing Aid Of Sorts

    striker21565 · 0 · Posted

    I personally think it would add to the stealth if a form of hightening hearing was added. Maybe it would be a item found around the map like the sniper and allows a player to hug a wall and hear someone on the other side's breathing or moving however the wall or door would have to be thin to work.

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    Adhesive camera & Chaff/EMP Grenade

    DarkSquall88 · 0 · Posted

    I was thinking about some adhesive camera that could be used by guard and an emp/chaff grenade for intruders to disable it for a couple of seconds. Sounds good? 

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    When binding keys, mouse wheel clicks do not register

    Cog Gear · 1 · Last reply by DukeofSussex

    As I am changing the controls for intruder, I tried to rebind a key to the middle mouse wheel click, but it will not allow me to do so. No error message or anything, just a flashing box letting me know that Middle Mouse isn't a valid key. Any known fixes, or any in the future?

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    BenTime · 1 · Last reply by DarkSquall88

    Use flashlights to light up dark areas, or flash them into people's eyes!

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    Add keybind option for Handsigns & Standing

    Elsewhere · 0 · Posted

    Hi, i've found out there is no keybind option for handsigns so you can't really rebinde tab...
    and a keybind option for standing up would be great so you don't need to toggle between the stances

    i always try to stand up but i cant cause i dont know whitch stance i'm in
    and the view when crouched is so similar to when standing...

    for my muscle memory it's common to use z/y to prone, x to crouch & c to stand up
    maybe even add prone & crouch bindings who cannot be toggled, so if you spam the key you wont switch

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    Minor Bug with map voting

    Chicaogmed · 0 · Posted

    When you are still alive after winning the set, during the map vote you are unable to hear anyone over voice, but you still can see their names similar to when you are dead in spectator chat.

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    Game stops responding and my computer monitor goes black

    Mainox · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    When I'm playing any server, any map, my game stops responding and crashes seemingly at random.

    While it does this, my screen goes black for about 3 seconds, then when it gets back to normal, i have a popup on my task bar that says my display driver has stopped working and has recovered. 

    I don't know what the problem is, but in Version 76 it wasn't doing this at all.

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    Issue Creating Room: Not Loading, blank UI

    viotech3 · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Process: Click "Create Room".

    Bug: Nothing Happens, UI disappears, only the background remains. The Panic Button (holding esc) does not function. Room is properly created, and others can join. Upon reboot, you can even join your own room post-creation. 

    Frequency: 50% or more. Extremely Common.

    Temporary Solution: Exiting game and rebooting "solves" the problem.

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    Map Loading Issue

    Frarf · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Joined a constructionsite lobby with only one other player mid-round; didn't have the map and downloaded it beforehand. Joined a team, which caused the round to end and the vote screen to pop up; no one voted so it was chosen again. I was kicked to the home screen with the error "Map not found" or something similar.

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    Intruder.exe no longer opens for me.

    BigMoist · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    I recently bought the game and have played it a few times before the recent update to Intruder78 I can run the game and played with no problems however I try to launch the game from the .exe and it immediately crashes. It begins to load and then nothing else happens. I have reinstalled the game a few times and tried running as administrator. I am on Windows 10 and no error message tells me what is wrong. Any help would be appreciated. 

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    Corpse Inspection Reveals Details on how they died

    Yabba · 0 · Posted

    Instead of just telling you that they're dead using your hands on a corpse will tell you realistically available information on the details of his death.  Details include: 

    • An approximation on how warm the body is (telling you how long its been since he was killed
    • How much and what size wounds are on him (small medium and large for the pistol smg and sniper respectively ) 
    • What weapon and how much ammo in the mag of whatever gun he was using when he died (to tell if he was in combat when killed)
    • whether or not he was arrested.
    • (this
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    Basic Server Controls Needed

    iwanPlays · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    1. Allow us to refresh server list (use a (hidden) timer to prevent request spam if that's the worry) but without this we feel helpless.

    2. Allow us to sort servers by playercount/ping (why don't we see ping)/mode/map/name by pressing on the table header asc/desc