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    Holster Idea

    Kizza · 2 · Last reply by ryguytheguy

    I think that it should show the sniper on the persons back who picked it up? This would allow you to know the sniper is dead or who has it when you are scouting out. It allows for even more tactical play and strategies. 

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    Make teams switch sides every round

    Harzdorf · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Playing the same side for 10+ times gets boring after a while. If the teams could be switched every round, that would make playing much more fun. If there are uneven teams, the teams should be reshuffled so that there are always more people on the guard side.

    Edit: The number of rounds could be tweaked, but the main idea remains.

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    Sniper Rebalance

    R3vo · 3 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Reduce Damage To 70

    Increase time between shots, bolt action maybe?

    Increase time to zoom in

    Reduce ammo on Riverside to 10 shots total

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    Corpse Inspection Reveals Details on how they died

    Yabba · 0 · Posted

    Instead of just telling you that they're dead using your hands on a corpse will tell you realistically available information on the details of his death.  Details include: 

    • An approximation on how warm the body is (telling you how long its been since he was killed
    • How much and what size wounds are on him (small medium and large for the pistol smg and sniper respectively ) 
    • What weapon and how much ammo in the mag of whatever gun he was using when he died (to tell if he was in combat when killed)
    • whether or not he was arrested.
    • (this
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    Autoswitch teams after X rounds if teams stay even.

    R3vo · 2 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Swap intruders and guards if the teams are even after a couple rounds. 5 rounds seems like it would work out well.

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    Radio Jammer

    Bloxri · 0 · Posted

    Any player can pull up the radio by pressing ‘F’. The radio can be used as a vital tool to help communicate with your teammates from a far distance. A radio jammer would create distortion in an area so a player on the other team near you could not communicate effectively. The pros of this device are simply to block the other persons communication which could result in the other teammate being confused or receiving static as a reply. The only drawback we see with this is the fact that if too many, it could potentially block all communication in

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    Arrest incentivisation, corpse interaction.

    Skurdge · 2 · Last reply by Skurdge

    When faced with the decision, arrest or kill, the obvious tactical decision is to kill. An arrest allows the opponent to continue speaking, takes longer, and may render the arresting party out of position. Arresting provides little tactical advantage to the arresting party.

    If however, interacting with an arrested enemy allowed an individual to listen in on the communication of the opposing team, an arrest could provide valuable intel.

    For example, say a guard arrests an intruder. He may now listen in on the intruder comms. However, he may leave himself or his teammates exposed as he listens, for he

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    Mute Spectator Command

    Dongers · 0 · Posted

    I can't count how many minutes of footage has been ruined by people talking in spectator mode during a round.

    A nice little '/mutespectator' to automatically mute all voice chat during spectator mode would be nice and mean it's easier to capture footage after death.

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    Intruder Bloon Commands

    Vectrex720 · 2 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Commands related to Bloons would be helpful. Such as a remove/add Bloon command. One such use for the remove command could be for trying to take screenshots, without clutter in the level. And let's say you have a few people in the server, there could be a command to add Bloons. Whether it be an admin command or some sort of vote where everyone has to agree to it.



    For the add Bloons command you could select how many Bloons are added.

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    Bots would be amazing, when no one is on, then we can play with AI!

    PowerfulBacon · 0 · Posted

    Had an idea for bots. I know it would be hard but was just thinking. Would probably need some kind of pathfinding, but maybe having a node connecting to other nodes and the bots just randomly move between the points, at least it's something. Just an idea.

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    Cooking of grenades

    Gramstaal · 0 · Posted

    Concussion grenades should be cookable in your hand instead of the current short fuse mechanic. Could be a toggleable fire mode, the secondary fire mode allowing for two clicks, one cooking and one throwing. Right mouse button would be the zoom key for both modes.

    Grenades should be able to go off in your hands if cooked for too long, this could possibly also apply to gas and smoke grenades, allowing for "mobile" gas / smoke screens.

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    BenTime · 1 · Last reply by DarkSquall88

    Use flashlights to light up dark areas, or flash them into people's eyes!

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    Motion Sensor Changes / Buff

    Yabba · 0 · Posted

    Motion Sensors can now be shot and destroyed as an alternative to being removed by hand

    however, destroying a sensor in this manner will cause the owner to get the beep sound as if someone had tripped it, but incomplete and glitchy, kinda like some of these for example

    If the glass a sensor may be attached to is broken then the sensor should act like the above as well, this would make it easier to rig rooms such as lab A on riverside.

    A possible buff for the sensor (if needed) would be to cycle between 3

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    New Loading Screen

    Bloxri · 0 · Posted

    While loading a new map, the loading screen should display the name of the map that the client is loading and provide numerous tips and tricks in which will display under the name of the map that the client is loading. The image is obtained by getting the map URL and will display above the "Loading [Map]" label.

    In the event that the image of the map cannot be obtained, random artwork that is community made can be shown in place of showing the image of the map. This can be caused by numerous things such as network issues, no

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    Grappling hook

    striker21565 · 0 · Posted

    I know i just posted i'm sorry, i just enjoy throwing ideas out that may help the game become better. I was thinking that possibly implementing a from of a grappling hook so intruders would be able to get on the roof of buildings from an position where there is no ladder or way to get on the building. Although it sounds a little dumb as they could take a different route, I truly think it could change certain situations for example if the intruder steals a briefcase and wants on the roof but the room was the 1st floor

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    Basic Server Controls Needed

    iwanPlays · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    1. Allow us to refresh server list (use a (hidden) timer to prevent request spam if that's the worry) but without this we feel helpless.

    2. Allow us to sort servers by playercount/ping (why don't we see ping)/mode/map/name by pressing on the table header asc/desc

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    Bleeding damage and bandages?

    Mark Biernacki · 1 · Last reply by Spooky

    getting shot should cause you to bleed hp, and perhaps a teammate has to heal you? It could promote more team play, and be a fun mechanic.