Custom Pictures for Custom maps

After the 449 patch, many users flocked over to the forums to grab the IntruderMM and roll out maps for the community to play. Its been a great success and players continue to roll out new maps every so often. They are getting better over time. If you click on a custom map to play on Intruder and look over to the preview picture its a picture of Riverside with the text “Custom” written over it with a transparent black filter. This seems like a placeholder until a future update which is why we’re here. To help guide Intruder with new updates. When a player creates a new map, they should be able to attach a thumbnail that is a certain resolution that can be uploaded along with the map.


This “Custom” image can remain as a placeholder until the map is downloaded. Once the map is downloaded, the thumbnail will be saved as a file that the game could read. With all the maps on Intruder, its hard to keep track of all of them at once. This would not only help Bloxri remember what some maps look like but would ensure that players won’t confuse a map name for another.