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    Games joinable by magnet link

    Bloxri · 1 · Last reply by Bloxri

    If you don't know what a magnet link is, click here.

    When in a match that is has open slots, a link could be generated that could be sent to a peer. This link would auto-magically launch Intruder with a set of parameters to auto-login, and auto-join that match if at all possible.

    Why is this useful?
    In the browser extensions, a player could see that there is a server open and join it by only using the extension. The extension would use this "magnet link" in order to launch intruder and join the game. Beyond that, 3rd party

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    Crouch-jump sound change

    MadmanEpic · 0 · Posted

    Crouch-jumps should have muffled or no sound to the player to reflect their silence to other players. Currently, there is no indication of this, and many players have no idea that it's a mechanic.

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    Corpse Inspection Reveals Details on how they died

    Yabba · 0 · Posted

    Instead of just telling you that they're dead using your hands on a corpse will tell you realistically available information on the details of his death.  Details include: 

    • An approximation on how warm the body is (telling you how long its been since he was killed
    • How much and what size wounds are on him (small medium and large for the pistol smg and sniper respectively ) 
    • What weapon and how much ammo in the mag of whatever gun he was using when he died (to tell if he was in combat when killed)
    • whether or not he was arrested.
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