New Loading Screen

While loading a new map, the loading screen should display the name of the map that the client is loading and provide numerous tips and tricks in which will display under the name of the map that the client is loading. The image is obtained by getting the map URL and will display above the "Loading [Map]" label.

In the event that the image of the map cannot be obtained, random artwork that is community made can be shown in place of showing the image of the map. This can be caused by numerous things such as network issues, no provided image, and so on.

The tips and tricks can be easily done by putting all tips and tricks within a json file in which has an 'index' property. This can start at 0 or 1. The loading screen can choose which tip it wants to use by using a random number generator which will correspond to the json file. An example is shown below.

Animations can be added to the loading screen to make it seem more fluid or better than a still image. This could grasp the user's attention who may not understand how to open doors or use binocs.

  "tips": [
      "index": "0",
      "title": "Binocs have a radio transmitter built into them and can be used while looking through them."
      "index": "1",
      "title": "Open doors by walking up to them and moving your scroll wheel."