Common Problems

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    Jumping Glitch (Camera-related?)

    montresor · 0 · Posted

    When you jump in a certain spot on riverside (gallery window frames), you can see through the map while props disappear, including inside vent shafts. Bug found by montresor and Asper29. Thank you rob!

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    Physics objects that are disabled at the beginning of the round (via activator) will seemingly not reset via reset proxy.

    Th3epitaph · 0 · Posted

    I have several objects that are breakable and rely on enabling physics objects that were hidden via script at the beginning of the round. These will work perfectly for the first round of a match. However, every round after their initial activation, the physics objects will spawn in the position they were in at the end of the previous round. I believe this is probably the activator disabling the object before the reset proxy can place it at its original position. Settings for one of the objects in question:

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    Minor Bug with map voting

    Chicaogmed · 0 · Posted

    When you are still alive after winning the set, during the map vote you are unable to hear anyone over voice, but you still can see their names similar to when you are dead in spectator chat.

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    While testing a level using the mapmaker, team select UI is not visible

    Yabba · 1 · Last reply by Yabba

    Almost every time I try to test a level using the "Play scene in Intruder" function in unity I cannot see the team select UI, It is frustrating but I have been able to get past it by clicking rapidly where one of the teams would be.

    I'm not sure exactly what causes this to happen but it seems pretty consistent.

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    Mic Setup

    Tacticalslap · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    My mic setup keeps breaking, I have to uninstall and reinstall the game every time I try to boot it up in order to fix it. If I don't do this I can't hear anyone nor say anything.

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    Mside undermap exploit, not severe

    viotech3 · 0 · Posted

    Take the zipline near the bridge-booth, drop down at the mortar.

    Walk down the cliff, and right where the terrain with the mortar on it meets the rocks, there's a rock that's missing the SuperSlippery tag. That's about it. Fixing that will solve the problem.

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    Sometimes when i enter in a code the sensitivity goes crazy!

    Alexy89 · 0 · Posted

    In the Riverside map, for intruders, when i enter in the security code, my mouse sensitivity goes crazy!

    I'm not sure if it's only the riverside map though.

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    Oceonside in wall

    Shootershj · 0 · Posted

    You can get into the bedroom wall in Oceanside by closing the main door on yourself 

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    When binding keys, mouse wheel clicks do not register

    Cog Gear · 1 · Last reply by DukeofSussex

    As I am changing the controls for intruder, I tried to rebind a key to the middle mouse wheel click, but it will not allow me to do so. No error message or anything, just a flashing box letting me know that Middle Mouse isn't a valid key. Any known fixes, or any in the future?

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    Banned on private room.

    Zach · 2 · Last reply by viotech3

    I was messing around with friends in a private room, and I was banned for team killing. I was the creator and admin of the server, didn't even know it could happen.

    The ban doesn't specify when it will end. I could not log in again to create another room or play with my friends again. I did not see any options when creating a room for disabling bans.

    This is a very poorly implemented feature. I was never warned of being banned and now I can't play your game. Please fix this immediately.

    My account name is: Zach1575

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    Game crashes seconds after joining a server

    Pparadza · 7 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    Well, it's in the title really. The game just crashes seconds after joining a match, regardless of the side I join, or whether I'm spectating or not. I know my specs are good enough, but I'll include them here:

    Processor: AMD A6-6400K APU with Radeon(tm) HD graphics 3.9GHz

    Installed RAM: 8.00GB (7.20GB usable)

    System type: 64-bit Operating system x64-based processor.

    OS: Windows 10

    I'll also add the error files, and I'll keep experimenting throughout the night.

    EDIT: It appears the issue is only with mountainside and riverside. Cliffside works though.

    EDIT: It's completely random with every other map besides mountainside

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    When a round ends or a tb round starts my game freezes and leaves the server.

    felipez8 · 1 · Last reply by Rob Storm

    When a round ends my game freezes and it leaves the server or when we switch sides.