Better ranged take down weapon, one time use only. It would help in those instances where you're sneaking up on people but they turn around last second, but instead you're actually able to reach them in time because of the taser range. It would be not too silent, people would be able to hear the short quiet jolt from nearby, and maybe a sound from the person's communications for about a quarter of a second after they get shocked. and of course this would allow for more rag-doll hilarity as the enemy twitches about in a silly way. This would increase tactical approach methods. An example would be a creaked door, it would be an excellent way to sneak the use of a taser; for example a situation where you creak a door slightly open, and wait for a guard to walk past, you shoot between the creak of the door and the frame to let the pins of the taser slip past and hit the guard. where as if they see the door swing open and one attempt to arrest, its inevitable to get riddled with bullets without success to an arrest.